Whether it is your first time getting Lash Extensions or you have had them on since forever, one of the main questions is "Can I get them Wet?". Of course you can! Always remember to ask prior to making a lash appointment! Clients come in daily with horror stories of having to shower with goggles, or that their eyes burn as they sweat when working out! Umm..... who wants to struggle that way, especially if you're paying a nice buck for them! 

You will be surprised on how many "Lash Extension Specialists" have a "YouTube" Certification. Meaning they did not get proper training! They can only purchase products from Amazon, and not provide you with the best knowledge or service possible. When looking for a Certified Specialist, you should always visit the official Lash Brand Website!  I am sure you wouldn't search a doctor through craigslist! 

You can immediately shower, detox in the sauna, or even hit the gym. Why Struggle? Always invest in the best, you deserve it!

Photo Credit: MariLu Zelaya