Destroy Fat Cells | Reduce Cellulite | Tighten Skin

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Cryoskin is a revolutionary machine from Europe which uses heat and cold to destroy fat cells permanently. The technology is applied using a massage technique which is painless and non invasive. No suction, no surgery. Just incredible results in 30 minutes.

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If you work hard to make the best of yourself and your body, then this is for you. Depending upon what you want to achieve, Cryoskin can be used in 3 modes.

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Cryoskin can slim your stomach, legs, back, arms and butt. We take measurements before and after and most people lose at least an inch in their first session. (No really).

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Toning is effective for drastically reducing the appearance of cellulite and shaping those tough areas that diet and exercise just can’t reach.

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Cryoskin Face can help to improve your complexion, reducing pore size and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It can even visibly reduce a double chin.



Individuals with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle looking to lose the stubborn fat that does not improve with diet and exercise alone (NOTE** This is not just a quick fix! Cryoskin is not an alternative to diet and exercise! A healthy lifestyle and a balance diet is Key!)

Ready to commit to a Cryoskin Slimming Session?

  • Make sure you currently do not have any of the following

    • • Active Cancer or individuals taking post-cancer drugs • HIV/AIDS • Lymphatic Disorders or removed lymph nodes • Severe Diabetes (unmanageable by medication) • Pregnancy/Breastfeeding • Severe Kidney or Liver Disease • Severe Raynaud’s Syndrome • Severe Allergy to Cold • Progressive Diseases (MS, ALS, Parkinson’s) • Irremovable body piercing(s) in treatment area • Implants in treatment area

      • If you are concerned about any health issue not listed above, you should consult your physician before receiving a treatment!

  • Make sure not to eat 2 hours before and after your session

  • You will see Best results from Slimming sessions 14 days after your initial session.

  • Since the Slimming session is a localized fat loss session which naturally passes fat debris from the body via the lymphatic system, it is recommended to receive a lymphatic massage up to 72 hours after each session.

  • It is recommended to schedule and receive 5-7 sessions to see desired results.